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DIY Everyday Greenery Arrangement

DIY Everyday Greenery Arrangement

DIY Everyday Greenery Arrangement

This week our floral designer Tim took a break from the florals to create a gorgeous Greenery Arrangement that is great to display throughout your home year round. This will add the perfect touch of green to any room in your home. You can create one of your very own following the steps and supplies used below. 

Supplies needed:


  • First things first, gather all of the necessary supplies that you will need. 

  • To get started, Tim measured the Styrofoam against the height of the container and then cut off the excess using a knife. He put hot glue on the bottom of the Styrofoam before putting it into the container to help secure it. 


  • Tim then added the Succulent and String of Pearls stems to the Styrofoam. He cut the majority of the length off of both stems and placed them in the front section of the arrangement. He added hot glue to the end of both stems to help secure them. 


  • To give texture to the arrangement Tim then began to add the Plastic Greenery Bush. He cut the branches into separate sections and used hot glue to secure them into the arrangement. 



  • Next to add height to the arrangement Tim placed both Belles of Ireland Stems in the center of the arrangement in a staggered pattern. He used hot glue on the end of both to help secure them. 



  • To fill in behind the Belles of Ireland Stems Tim added more of the Plastic Greenery Bush pieces. 


  • Next Tim added pieces of the Variegated Ivy Spray throughout the arrangement. 



  • To finish off the arrangement Tim added the Forest Maidenhair Fern in the back and edges of the arrangement.



  • When you have finished adding all of the components you will have an Everyday Arrangement that you can use year round in your home.



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  • Rebecca Coffman