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DIY Mardi Gras Crawfish Wreath

DIY Mardi Gras Crawfish Wreath

DIY Mardi Gras Crawfish Wreath

Celebrate the Mardi Gras season with this fun and festive Mardi Gras Crawfish Wreath. Our floral designer Tim used a lighted Evergreen Christmas Wreath as the base and then added florals, ribbon and our fun Crawfish sign to complete the design. You can create one of your very own following the steps and supplies listed below.

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, gather all of the necessary supplies. Remember, that you can switch out any of the supplies used to fit your personal decor or preference. 

  • The first thing that Tim did was to tie the three loop bow using the Crawfish and Mardi Gras Stripe ribbons. He layered the ribbons on top of each other and then pulled the loops apart once he had the bow secured with floral wire. He used the floral wire to attach the bow to the wreath. 



  • Next Tim used floral wire to attach each Metal Crawfish to the Wreath. He put one on each side of the bow facing up.



  • To add more Mardi Gras colors to the wreath, Tim made three smaller two loop bows to place around the top of the wreath. He secured them using floral wire.


  • Next Tim began adding the florals to the wreath. He cut each stem into multiple sections and then placed them throughout the wreath. He used hot glue on the end of each section to secure it to the wreath. 




  • You can now come to a stopping point after you have finished adding the florals. You will have a fun and festive wreath to use throughout the Mardi Gras season. 


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  • Rebecca Coffman