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DIY Spring Bunny Garden Arrangement

DIY Spring Bunny Garden Arrangement

DIY Spring Bunny Garden Arrangement

This week our floral designer Tim created a light and airy arrangement that is perfect for your Spring or Easter Table. This cute bunny makes a statement with his inquisitive pose, like he is just waiting to ask you a question or wondering what you are up to. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below.

Supplies needed: 


  • First things first, you will need to gather all of your supplies. As always, feel free to change out any of the florals or components we have chosen to fit your decor or preferences. 

  • Tim started this arrangement by cutting the Styrofoam block in half, he measured the height of the container against the styrofoam and used that as his guide. He filled in the front of the container with another small piece of styrofoam. He then used a good amount of hot glue to secure the Bunny to the styrofoam. The bunny was placed near the front of the container. 




  • Next Tim began adding the Leather Leaf Fern. He cut individual pieces off of the main bush and added them around the container. 





  • Tim next added the Maidenhair Fern Bush. He cut off individual pieces from the bush and added them around the container. Don't forget to add hot glue to the end of each stem to help them stick into the styrofoam. 



  • After adding the greenery around the Bunny, Tim worked on adding the florals and accents. He started with the small purple Waxflower stems. He cut the branches into individual pieces and added them to the arrangement. 



  • Tim then added the small pink Cosmo stems. He cut each branch into individual sections and added them throughout the arrangement. 



  • Next Tim added the yellow Allium spray. He also cut this into individual sections and placed them throughout the arrangement. 




  • Our last floral to add is the small orange Cosmos flowers. Again, Tim cut these into individual pieces and added them throughout the arrangement. 


  • After the orange Cosmos had been added we came to a stopping point. You are welcome to add more florals, ribbon or even festive Easter accents. When you are finished you will have a gorgeous arrangement for any area of your home. 

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  • Rebecca Coffman