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DIY Summer Sunflower Arrangement

DIY Summer Sunflower Arrangement

DIY Summer Sunflower Arrangement

This week our floral designer Tim created a Summer Sunflower Arrangement that is great to use all year long or during the Summer & Fall months. This design only uses 6 components to complete and is easy enough for even the beginner to create. You can make one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. 


Supplies needed:


  • Before getting started make sure to gather all of the necessary supplies. 

  • Tim started this arrangement by cutting the styrofoam to fit the container. You won't necessarily need to fill the container completely, but you want to make sure the majority is filled. Use hot glue on the bottom of the sytrofoam to secure it to the container. 

  • Tim then cut each of the Sunflowers off of the main stem. He used a total of 5 Sunflowers for this arrangement. Feel free to use more or less based on where you want to use the finished piece. He added the Sunflowers in a circular pattern at varying heights. 



  • Once all the Sunflowers were placed, Tim then began adding pieces of the Leather Leaf Fern greenery. He cut individual pieces off of the main stem and placed them in and around the Sunflowers. He used hot glue to secure each stem. 




  • To add more texture and height Tim then added sprigs of the Eucalyptus spray throughout the arrangement.


  • Once the Eucalyptus had been added Tim tied a 3 loop bow out of the Black Plaid Natural 1.5" ribbon. He placed it at the bottom front using the floral wire to tie the bow and secure it to the arrangement


  • When you have added the bow you can come to a stopping point. Your finished Sunflower arrangement will be perfect to use throughout the Summer months and well into Fall. 


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  • Rebecca Coffman