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How to Create: Teal & Orange Pumpkin Fall Garland


Today we will be showcasing how to create a one-of-a-kind Teal & Orange Pumpkin Fall Garland. This Garland can be used throughout the Fall season; it can be used as a Garland on a mantle or as a centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table! Below you will find a list of supplies used in this Garland, as well as the links to purchase each item on our website. You can also follow along with Dylan with this video from his demonstration here

Step 1: Join 2 Teardrop Swags together

Take two 32" Teardrop Swags, lay them flat on your work surface and join them together at the tops. You can use the branches from the Teardrops to twist them together or use a Pipe cleaner/Wire to twist them together. Once they have been joined, you should have a garland that tapers at each end when it is laid flat on the work surface. 


Step 2: Tie your bows

You are going to want to tie one larger bow for the center of the garland and two smaller bows for each end of the garland. You will need 3 bows in total. If you need assistance tying bows, we have a YouTube video here. Once your bows are tied you will need to secure them to the garland by twisting the wire onto the branches. 


Step 3: Add your Fall leaves

Next you are going to want to add your Fall leaves to the garland. You will need (2) of our Maple Ivy Swags to do this. Each Maple Ivy Swag can be cut into 4 sections with wire cutters. Once you have your sections cut, you will insert each section into the teardrop. You will need to add hot glue to the end of each section before placing it into the garland. Add one section under the bow in the center of the garland on all four sides of the bow. Then add two sections down each side of the garland.


Step 4: Add your Pumpkins

You will need 4 pumpkins in total for this step; 2 of each color. (If you don't care for the Teal & Orange Pumpkins we have chosen, feel free to use any color combination that you like). Take two pumpkins, one of each color, and insert them on either side of your bow. Don't forget to add hot glue to the ends of the stem before inserting them into the garland. You will want to nest these amongst your Fall leaves. Then take the remaining two pumpkins and insert them about half way down the garland on either side. 


Step 5: Add your Lime Green Curly Sprays

You will need 2 of our Lime Green Curly Sprays to complete your garland. You will cut each spray into 3 separate sections. You will have 6 sections of Curly Sprays to use throughout the garland. You will insert two near the center of the garland and then two down each side of the garland. Don't forget to add hot glue to your stems before inserting them. 


Once you have added all of your pieces you will have a stunning garland to use throughout the season. We recommend placing this garland on a table runner if you are going to use it on top of furniture; this way your furniture will not get scratched. 


Here is the list of supplies with the links to purchase each item:


Additional supplies needed:

  • Wire Cutters
  • Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks
  • Pipe Cleaners or Wire
  • Scissors


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