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DIY Easter Carrot Teardrop

DIY Easter Carrot Teardrop

DIY Easter Carrot Teardrop

This week our floral designer Tim made a gorgeous Easter Carrot Teardrop that can be used for Easter and throughout Spring! He used 4 different florals with 3 different ribbons to make this piece. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies below.

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, you will first need to gather the supplies. 

  • The first thing that Tim did was to create the bow for the top of the teardrop. He made a 4 loop large bow using all three ribbons. He stacked the ribbon on top of each other and then spread the loops apart when he was finished. He tied the bow with floral wire and then secured the bow to the teardrop using the same floral wire. 






  • Tim left the tails on the bow intact and then looped them down the length of the Teardrop. He used the branches from the teardrop to secure each loop. He created three loops out of each ribbon. He also let the tails hang off the end of the teardrop. 



  • Next Tim added three single loop bows to the mid section of the teardrop. 


  • After all of the ribbon had been added, Tim started to add the greenery throughout the teardrop. He cut the stems from the greenery bush into individual pieces and then used hot glue to secure them to the teardrop. 





  • After Tim finished adding the greenery he began working with the carrot sprays. He cut both carrot sprays into separate sections to use throughout the teardrop. The polka dot carrots were bent to face the other direction so that when they were put into the teardrop they were facing upwards.





  • Finally, Tim separated the Yellow Poppy Spray into separate sections and then placed them throughout the teardrop. 




  • When you are finished you will have a gorgeous teardrop to welcome friends and family throughout Easter and the Spring season. 


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  • Rebecca Coffman