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DIY White Bunny Easter Arrangement

DIY White Bunny Easter Arrangement

DIY White Bunny Easter Arrangement

This week our floral designer Tim created an adorable Easter Arrangement that can be used throughout the Easter & Spring season! This arrangement is perfect for any area of your home. You can make one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below

Supplies needed:


  • Gather all of your supplies before getting started. Feel free to adjust any of the supplies used to better fit your personal preference. 

  • To get started, Tim trimmed a piece of Styrofoam off of the block that was big enough to fit into the hole in the Bunny container. He filled in any gaps with smaller pieces of Styrofoam. 


  • Once the Styrofoam was secure Tim started adding the florals. He cut individual stems off of the Mixed Bush. He placed them in the Styrofoam with a dab of hot glue on the end of each stem. He filled the Styrofoam with the majority of the stems; he saved a few for the end just in case he needed to fill in any holes. 





  • Next Tim cut the majority of the stem off of the Egg Spray. He then placed this in the Styrofoam near the back of the arrangement. He spread the stems apart and worked them through the flowers to distribute them evenly throughout the arrangement. 


  • Once the Egg Spray had been added, he began adding the Leather Leaf Fern greenery. He cut individual pieces off of the bush and used a dab of hot glue on the end of each stem. He placed them throughout the arrangement; this helped give more texture and movement to the piece. 




  • Next Tim added the Variegated Spray; he also cut these into individual sections and placed them throughout the arrangement. 



  • Tim then added a few remaining florals from the mixed Bush. Once he was finished with those the arrangement was complete!


  • When you are finished you will have a gorgeous arrangement that you can use throughout Easter and the Spring season. 



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  • Rebecca Coffman