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DIY Green Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath

DIY Green Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath

DIY Green Hydrangea Grapevine Wreath

This week our floral designer Tim created a unique Grapevine Wreath using two grapevine wreaths and an array of summertime florals. This design uses 5 items that create a gorgeous focal point for any front door or area of your home. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. 

Supplies needed:


  • First things first, make sure you have gathered all of the necessary supplies before getting started.

  • Time started by securing the two grapevine wreaths together. He offset the smaller one on the lower end of the larger wreath. He used floral wire to secure them together. 

  • Tim then cut the Hydrangea Bushes apart into individual stems and glued them around the smaller wreath. 


  • Next Tim cut apart the Rice Grass Bush into individual pieces and glued them to the Grapevine Wreath. He added them periodically around the wreath to spread out the coverage.



  • Next Tim cut apart the second Hydrangea Bush and added those pieces to the bottom sections of the Wreath to help fill in the space.


  • Tim then added the Delphinium Sprays to the Wreath. He cut each stem into separate sections and then added them throughout the Wreath. 



  • Once all of the main components have been added you can come to a stopping point or fill in any holes you may see with leftover product. When you are finished you will have a wispy and bright Summertime wreath that you can use throughout the Summer months. 

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  • Rebecca Coffman