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DIY Magnolia Burlap Mesh Wreath

DIY Magnolia Burlap Mesh Wreath

DIY Magnolia Burlap Mesh Wreath

This week our floral designer Tim created a gorgeous Magnolia Burlap Mesh Wreath using just a few supplies. This wreath is perfect for everyday use or throughout the Summer & Fall season. You can create one of your very own using the steps & supplies listed below

Supplies needed:


  • Before getting started make sure you have gathered all the necessary supplies.

  • Tim started this Mesh Wreath by attaching the end of the Mesh to one of the branches on the outer ring of the Wreath. There are a pair of branches along both rings of the form. One pair of branches is used to tie down the Mesh. You will want to make loops in between the pairs of branches as you move along the form. The size of the loops will be completely up to you. You can make them as large or as small as needed. 


  • Tim worked along the outer ring of the form and then moved to the inner ring to complete the wreath. You do not have to cut the mesh when moving to the inner ring. Simply finish off the last loop on the outer ring and then move over to the inner ring. 



  • Once the Mesh had been added Tim moved on to tying the bow. He created a 4 loop stacked bow out of the ribbons chosen. He then separated the loops, attached the bow to the Wreath using floral wire and left the tails long to loop throughout the Wreath. Tim also created two 2 loop bows to add into the tails as they are looped through the Wreath. 






  • Once all of the Ribbon had been added Tim worked on adding the florals. He trimmed the majority of the stem off of the Eucalyptus spray. He then worked the Eucalyptus in between the folds of the Wreath and used the branches to secure it to the Wreath. 


  • Next Tim did the same process with the Foam Magnolia Spray. He trimmed the majority of the length off of the end of the stem and then worked it in between the folds of the Mesh. He used the same branches to secure it to the Wreath.



  • Once Tim had finished attaching the Magnolia to the Wreath the design was complete. This is a simple, but gorgeous Mesh Wreath that can be used for many seasons. 

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