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DIY Summer Monarch Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

DIY Summer Monarch Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

DIY Summer Monarch Butterfly Grapevine Wreath

This week our floral designer Tim created a gorgeous Grapevine Wreath that is just perfect for the Summer months. This wreath features different hues of orange, yellow and green; plus two ribbons that tie everything together. You an create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, make sure you have gathered all of the necessary supplies.

  • Tim started this design by layering the two Grapevine Wreaths together. He attached the 14" Wreath to the 18" Wreath using floral wire.



  • Next Tim began adding the Variegated Ivy pieces to create the foundation. He worked the individual pieces around the wreath to help keep the shape. He used hot glue on each piece to secure it to the wreath.



  • Tim then began to add the individual floral stems. He trimmed each stem about half way and then used hot glue to secure them to the wreath. He worked around the outside edge of each of the Wreaths for placement alternating colors.



  • Tim then began adding the smaller Cosmos stems and the Lion's Mane Stem throughout the wreath.





  • Next Tim continued to add more of the larger floral stems throughout the wreath.




  • Tim added a different type of Greenery to the wreath with the Lace Fern Bush. He cut larger sections off of the bush to place throughout the wreath.


  • Next Tim worked on creating the stacked bow. He tied a four loop larger bow out of the Black Micro Dot Ribbon and then he tied a smaller three loop bow out of the Monarch Butterfly Ribbon. He used floral wire to tie the two together and then onto to the wreath.






  • To finish off the Wreath, Tim added a few pieces of Greenery and Florals around the top right corner of the bow.



  • When you have finished adding any of the remaining florals you can come to a stopping point. You will have a gorgeous wreath that you can use throughout the Summer months.





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  • Rebecca Coffman