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DIY Halloween Pumpkin Arrangement

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Arrangement

DIY Halloween Pumpkin Arrangement

This week we are creating a fun and festive Halloween Pumpkin Arrangement. Our floral designer, Tim used a combination of Ribbon, Halloween Florals and even a few Christmas Florals to create this fun piece. You can create one of your very own using the supplies and steps listed below. As always, you can use any florals or accents that  you may already have when creating this arrangement. 

Supplies needed:


  • To get started you will first need to gather all of your supplies. Remember, that any combination of florals and accents can be used for this arrangement. Feel free to change out any items for your personal preference. 

  • To get started, we removed the stem first. You can opt to leave in on the pumpkin if you choose. Removing the stem gives us more room to place the florals in the arrangement. The stem can be removed by simply twisting it off the pumpkin; it will come off fairly easily. 

  • Next we will add our first Halloween Felt Ball Twig Spray. You will want to cut the main part of the stem off and then insert the stem into the center of the pumpkin. Don't forget to add a bit of hot glue to the bottom each stem that you insert into the pumpkin. This will help secure the pieces to the foam. 


  • Next we will add the Black & White Velvet Spiral Ball Halloween Floral Pick just to the left of the first spray. We cut the main stem about half way down to shorten the stem. 


  • The next stem that we will add is the Knit Black & White Stripe Curly Stem. We also cut the majority of the main stem off to shorten the length of the stem. We also placed this stem in the middle of the pumpkin just behind the twig spray. 


  • Now we will work on adding some of the Lime Green Glittered Pine. You will want to cut the main stem off and then separate the sections into individual pieces. We placed these around the bottom of the rest of the florals. 


  • Now we can work on tying the bow and adding it to the arrangement. We tied an overlayed three loop bow with short tails. We used one of the cut off floral stems to secure the bow to the pumpkin. We wrapped the floral wire around the stem, then bent it in half and stuck it into the pumpkin. 



  • Next we added the Black & White Striped Poinsettia Stem to the center of the front of the arrangement. We thought this would make a great focal point for the arrangement. 

  • Finally, we used more Lime Green Glittered Pine, Felt Ball Twig Spray and the Lime Green Glittered Fern Spray to fill in throughout the arrangement. You can do this with any other remaining pieces that you have as well. 




  • When you have finished adding any additional pieces you can come to a stopping point. You will have a fun and festive arrangement to use throughout the Fall & Halloween season. 




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  • Rebecca Coffman