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DIY Football Mesh Wreath

DIY Football Mesh Wreath

DIY Football Mesh Wreath

This week our floral designer Tim created a fun wreath to show off your school spirit for your favorite Football team! This wreath is perfect for using throughout Football season and can be customized for any Football team. We even incorporated a few Christmas florals to add a little more glitz! You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies below

Supplies needed:


  • First, we will need to gather all of the supplies. Remember, that this wreath can be customized for any team using different colors and accents. 

  • To get started, we will begin tying the Deco Mesh onto the Wreath base. We chose to use the full Evergreen Wreath over a Work Form for this project because the full Evergreen Wreath will give us more of a base to stick accents to with hot glue. Also, the full Evergreen Wreath gives us a fuller overall Wreath in the end. You will want to twist one of the branches around the Deco Mesh and then create a poof by twisting another branch around the Deco Mesh. You will need to repeat this process all the way around the inner ring of the Wreath and then move to the outside of the Wreath to create a second layer.




  • When you are finished with the Deco Mesh your Wreath should like the one pictured below.

  • Now we will work on adding the accents off of our Purple & Gold Football Glitter Pick. You will want to cut each piece away from the main stem. We will use hot glue to attach all of these elements to the Wreath. 




  • Now we will add the Glitter Football Ornaments. You will want to add a generous amount of hot glue to the back of each ornament to make sure they are secured well to the wreath. We clustered a few of the accents on the left-hand bottom side of the Wreath. You can follow this layout or choose to place your accents where you like them. This part is completely personal preference. 


  • Next we will work on adding the 32" Purple & Gold Glitter Ball Spray. We are cutting each piece off of the main stem. Then we are curving the stem into an S shape and using a generous amount of hot glue to secure the piece to the Wreath. We repeated this process until all of the pieces had been used all over the wreath. 



  • The Gold Glitter Curly Spray is one of the last accents that we will add. We cut these into 2 sections and placed them throughout the Wreath using hot glue to secure them. 



  • One of the last steps will be to create the bow out of both 1.5" ribbons. We tied a three loop stacked bow and then attached it to the Wreath using the floral wire in the top right-hand corner of the Wreath. We then used the remaining ribbon tails to loop through the Wreath in a clock wise direction. 




  • Lastly, we decided to add a bit more of the traditional Gold color with one more Gold Christmas Stem. We cut the Gold Glittered Fern Spray into 4 separate sections and placed them throughout the wreath using hot glue to secure the pieces. 



  • Once the last Glittered Fern piece has been added you can come to a stopping point or continue to add any leftover accents that you may have. You should now have a gorgeous Mesh Wreath that you can display all Football Season long. 





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  • Rebecca Coffman