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DIY Mardi Gras Cray Cray Teardrop

DIY Mardi Gras Cray Cray Teardrop

DIY Mardi Gras Cray Cray Teardrop

With Christmas fast approaching it is time to switch to Mardi Gras! This week our floral designer Tim created a fun and festive teardrop swag featuring our fun Let's Get Cray Cray Sign. This teardrop is the perfect piece to usher in the Mardi Gras season. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below.

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, first you will need to gather your supplies. Feel free to adjust any of the ribbons or florals to fit your personal preference. 

  • The first thing that Tim did was to fluff the teardrop. He simply straightened any of the branches and evened them out on both sides. This will give you a great base to start with. 

  • To attach the sign, Tim punched a hole through the wood in the upper left hand corner of the sign and then in the lower right hand corner of the sign. He used floral wire through each hole to attach the sign to the teardrop. The sign was placed about halfway down the teardrop and caddy corner across the teardrop. The sign could also be placed using the rope hanger that comes on the sign. 



  • Next Tim tied a three loop stacked bow out of the two ribbons. He attached it to the top of the teardrop using the same floral wire he used to tie the bow with. He then separated the loops to spread the bow apart. 



  • Tim then extended the tails out from the bow and looped them throughout the teardrop. Tim worked the ribbon behind the sign and then looped the tails to the end of the teardrop. 


  • To start working with the florals Tim placed a Fleur de Lis pick near the top of the sign and then another on the left hand side of top of the bow. Remember to add hot glue to the end of each stem to help secure it to the teardrop.


  • Next Tim added the two Mardi Gras Ball Ornaments to the teardrop. He secured them with hot glue on the back of each ball. He placed one just below the sign and then the other was tucked under the bow. 



  • Next Tim added one of the striped ball picks to the bottom of the bow, opposite the ornament. He kept this pick together in a cluster and only trimmed the majority of the length off of the stem. He also added the second of our striped ball picks to the top of the teardrop behind the bow.



  • Tim then added the filigree floral pick to the teardrop. Each of these picks he cut into separate sections and then distributed throughout the teardrop. 




  • Next Tim added our beaded ball pick to the teardrop. He left this pick together in a cluster again and placed it just beneath the bow on the left hand side. 

  • For a little extra embellishment Tim added a one loop bow to the last ribbon tail at the bottom of the teardrop using only the Fleur de Lis ribbon. 


  • Once you have added your one loop bow you can continue to add any additional florals that you may have leftover or you can come to a stopping point. You will have a wonderfully festive teardrop to use throughout the Mardi Gras season. Laissez les bon temps rouler!




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  • Rebecca Coffman