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DIY Rustic Snowman Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Snowman Grapevine Wreath

DIY Rustic Snowman Grapevine Wreath

This week our Floral Designer Tim created a whimsical Snowman Wreath that is perfect for the Holidays. This wreath uses a larger wood snowman cutout that utilizes a good bit of space on the wreath which means that less items need to be used to fill the wreath. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. 

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, first gather all of your supplies. Remember, you can adjust any of the supplies used to fit your personal preference. 

  • The first step will be to secure the wooden snowman to the wreath using floral wire. Tim did this by looping the floral wire through two parts of the snowman and then tying it down to the wreath. You will want to make sure that you thread the wire through the grapevine wreath as well. Once you have him tied down you can clip off the remaining floral wire.




  • Your wreath should look like this after the Snowman has been attached. 

  • Next, Tim took both of the 24" Red Berries & Pine Cone Christmas Floral Pick and cut them apart into separate sections. He then used each piece to create a crescent shape going up the left hand side of the wreath. Remember to add hot glue to the end of each piece before sticking it in the wreath. 





  • Tim also worked in pieces of the 20" Cedar Spray in between layering the Red Berries spray. He cut each of the Cedar Sprays into two or three sections. These sprays add texture and some height to the wreath. 


  • Now Tim is continuing to layer in the pieces of the Red Berries Spray.



  • Tim then tied a three loop stacked bow out of the two ribbons he chose. This bow was placed at the feet of the snowman near the center of the wreath. Tim used floral wire to tie the bow and the same floral wire to attach the bow to the wreath. 



  • To add a little more texture throughout the wreath, Tim made small two loop bows out of the individual ribbons and placed them throughout the wreath. 



  • Tim added one of the Pinecones to the wreath near the bow. 

  • To finish off the wreath Tim added the remaining pieces of our Cedar Spray around the edges and throughout the wreath. 



  • When you are finished adding your florals and accents you will have a fun and festive wreath that you can use throughout the Holiday season. This wreath could also easily be mirrored on the other side if you have double doors. 

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  • Rebecca Coffman