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DIY Peacock Christmas Arrangement

DIY Peacock Christmas Arrangement

DIY Peacock Christmas Arrangement

This week our floral designer Tim created a unique arrangement using one of our more trendy Christmas collections. Our Peacock collection is a smaller collection that doesn't always get highlighted. This week we wanted to shine the spotlight on it exclusively. We love the teal, blue and greens used in this arrangement. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. As always, this design can be adjusted to fit your personal preference. 

Supplies needed: 


  • Before you get started, gather all of the necessary supplies. Remember that you can change any of the items being used based on your personal preference.

  • First things first, you will need to cut your piece of Styrofoam in half. We are going to use both pieces to build the base. Once your Styrofoam is cut you will want to apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the charger plate and then firmly press the Styrofoam into the hot glue. Next, you will cut the corners off of the second piece of Styrofoam to make a more round shape. Now you can stack the two together by adding another generous amount of hot glue to the top of the first piece of Styrofoam. 




  • Now we can work on adding the base of greenery. We cut all of our Cedar Stems into two sections and then also cut the Australian Fern into separate sections. You will want to create a skirt of greenery around both pieces of Styrofoam. Don't forget to add a bit of hot glue to the end of each stem before placing it in the Styrofoam. With this arrangement we are leaving a blank space in the center of the top of the arrangement for the Candle to sit in. We won't be gluing the candle in because it uses batteries and needs to be accessible. 






  • Next we will work on adding our Winter Green Poinsettia stems. Tim cut the majority of the length off of the stem and then placed one on each side of the arrangement. 


  • The Peacock Stem is the next stem that Tim added. He cut the stems into separate sections and placed them throughout the arrangement. To give a few of them more of a point to stick into the Arrangement Tim cut away some of the pieces from the bottom of the section. 




  • Now we will work on adding the Teal Blue Ball Spray to the arrangement. Tim also cut these into separate sections. With the second stem he left them longer so that the arrangement would have some added dimension. 



  • The next floral to add will be the Navy Blue Magnolia Leaves Spray. Tim also cut this stem into multiple sections and placed it throughout the arrangement. Don't forget to add the bit of hot glue to the end of each stem before placing it in the Styrofoam. 




  • The final floral accent that we will add is the Blue Glitter Willow Spray and you guessed it, Tim cut the spray apart into separate sections to put into the arrangement. 


  • To fill in the arrangement and add a bit of a different texture Tim added small one loop bows to each side of the arrangement. These are tucked into the florals and secured into the Styrofoam with thick floral wire. 



  • Once you have added the small bows you can come to a stopping point or you can continue to add any leftover florals that you may have.  When you are finished you will have a stunning arrangement to display throughout the Holiday season. Don't forget to complete the piece by adding batteries to your candle and placing it in the center of the arrangement.



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  • Rebecca Coffman