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DIY Spooky Halloween Arrangement

DIY Spooky Halloween Arrangement

DIY Spooky Halloween Arrangement

Welcome to October; Spooky Season has officially started! We are excited to be doing this Spooky Halloween Arrangement this week featuring our 20" Metal Boo Ghost Yard Decor! Follow along as our Floral Designer Tim creates a simple, but adorable arrangement for Halloween. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. 

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, make sure you have gathered all the necessary supplies. Remember, that you can use any combination of florals and accents when creating this arrangement. 

  • Tim cut the floral styrofoam down to a size that would fit inside the black square container. He double layered the styrofoam and used hot glue in between the layers. 


  • Next Tim added the Metal Ghost to the back corner of the container. He positioned the Ghost across the container so that the arrangement would sit at an angle. 

  • After the Ghost has been added we worked on adding the rest of the florals and accents. First, Tim cut the Green Twig Stem into three sections and placed one directly behind the Ghost. 


  • Next we cut apart the Green Pumpkins & Berries Spray into three sections and placed them around the arrangement. Tim focused the larger leaves on the front of the arrangement. 



  • Next we cut the Beige Reed Grass Spray into multiple sections and placed it around the arrangement also. Remember to add a bit of hot glue to the end of each stem before placing it in the styrofoam. 


  • Now we will cut the Gray Foxtail Branch into multiple sections and place them around the arrangement. Tim placed one of these in front of the ghost, to the left side of the ghost and the longest section directly behind the ghost. 


  • One of the last accents we will add is the Spikey Ball Spray. This was cut into three sections and placed around the arrangement. 



  • Tim finished up this piece by adding the last two sections of the Green Twig Branch that we had leftover from the beginning. 


  • You will now have a spooky and festive arrangement to use throughout the Halloween season!


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  • Rebecca Coffman