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DIY XL Navy Blue Elegant Christmas Teardrop Swag

DIY XL Navy Blue Elegant Christmas Teardrop Swag

DIY XL Navy Blue Elegant Christmas Teardrop Swag

This week our floral designer Tim created a stunning Christmas Teardrop Swag that is just perfect for the upcoming Holiday season. The Navy Blue and Metallic colors used add elegance to traditional Christmas Decor. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below

Supplies needed:


  • To get started, first gather all of your supplies. Remember that any of the accents or ribbons can be changed out to fit your personal preference. 


  • Once you have all of your supplies you can start by joining the two teardrops together. We laid one on top of the other about half way down the teardrop to make this an extra large teardrop. Tim used floral wire to secure both of them together. 




  • Next Tim layered the two ribbons together to make a three loop bow. He measured the size against the top of the teardrop to make sure that it was the correct width. He attached the bow to the top of the teardrop using the floral wire and then spread the loops apart. He left the tails on the bow long and draped them down the length of the teardrop. He created three loops a long the length of the teardrop and secured them using the branches on the teardrop. 





  • Next we will start adding the florals and other accents. Tim cut about half of the stem off of each of the Navy Blue Velvet Poinsettias and placed them throughout the teardrop. He staggered them alternating each side as he went down. 



  • Now Tim cut the Magnolia Leaves stem into three sections and placed them throughout the teardrop. Don't forget to add hot glue to the end of each stem before placing it in the teardrop. 


  • Now to add more of the Navy Blue color Tim cut apart the Navy Blue Glittered Berry Spray into multiple sections and also placed them throughout the teardrop. He mainly focused on adding this to the top, bottom and sides of the teardrop to help add texture.



  • Next Tim worked on adding more of the metallic colors throughout the teardrop. Tim cut the Metallic Glitter Pine & Berry Spray into multiple sections to use throughout the teardrop. 




  • Our last element of glitz and glitter is the Champagne Glitter Fern Spray. Tim cut this into three separate sections and added it to the edges of the teardrop. The length of the branches on this spray really helps add length to the overall teardrop. 



  • When you are finished adding the Champagne Glitter Fern Spray you can add any leftover pieces that you may have and fill in any holes that you might have missed. When you are finished you will have a show-stopping door piece to use throughout the Holiday season. 


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  • Rebecca Coffman