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DIY Bee Happy Spring Grapevine Wreath

DIY Bee Happy Spring Grapevine Wreath

DIY Bee Happy Spring Grapevine Wreath

Add bright pops of color to your door this Spring with our Bee Happy Spring Grapevine Wreath! This is the most adorable Grapevine Wreath with bright yellow florals, white and pastel accents and a fun Gnome Ribbon & Bee Happy Sign to pull everything together. As always, any combination of florals or accents can be used to create this wreath. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below

Supplies needed: 


  • To begin, gather all of your supplies. Remember that you can use any combination of florals and accents that you prefer. 

  • To get started, you will trim the first of your Yellow Spring Mixed Floral Sprays. You will want to cut these about half way down the base of the stem. 

  • Next you will place this spray into the Grapevine by wedging it in between the branches of the Wreath. Make sure that you add a dollop of hot glue to the end of the spray before placing it. This spray should be placed above the mid section of the wreath on the left hand side.

  • You can then fluff the spray by spreding the stems apart until you have reached your desired shape or spread.

  • You will then repeat this process with the 2nd of the Yellow Spring Mixed Floral Sprays and place this one above the first on the wreath. This will elongate the design up towards the mid section of the top of the wreath. 

  • Next you will repeat this same process, but you will want to place the last of the Yellow Mixed Spring Floral Sprays in the opposite direction of the first. This will complete the crescent shape that will be the base. 

  • Now we can begin working on the accents to help fill in the base of the Wreath. You will want to cut about half of the length of the base off of the Multi-Colored Daisy Spray. You will place it in between the first two Yellow Floral Sprays. Remember to add the hot glue before placing it into the Wreath.

  • We will continue adding accents by cutting sections apart from the White Daisy & Filler Grass Bush. You will place these sections in and among the other florals. Make sure to add some to the top, bottom and mid sections for even spacing.

  • Next, we will place the Bee Happy Wood sign. You will want to place the sign on the wreath to get a good idea for where it will need to be secured. Then you can cut the string into two and use the ends of the string to tie the sign to the wreath. You can also add a dollop of hot glue to the back of the sign where it is tied to the wreath for added strength. 


  • Next we will start on creating a stacked bow out of our adorable Gnome Bee Keeper Ribbon and the Burlap. We start by making a three loop bow out of the Burlap Ribbon and then adding another two loop bow of the Gnome Bee Keeper to the back. You will need to secure the bow with floral wire.

  • Once the bow is made, you can attach the bow to the wreath using the floral wire. We have nestled the bow in between where the two Yellow Mixed Floral Sprays meet in opposite directions. 

  • Once you are happy with the placement of the bow your Bee Happy Grapevine Wreath is now complete! We hope that you enjoyed this tutorial!




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  • Rebecca Coffman