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DIY Everyday Succulent Arrangement

DIY Everyday Succulent Arrangement

DIY Everyday Succulent Arrangement

Today we are creating a classic Everyday Succulent Arrangement that can be used in any area of your home all year long. Tim, our Floral Designer at Fads & Frames in Alexandria, LA, helped us create this beautiful and unique piece using various types of artificial Succulents and Greenery. This Arrangement can be created using the steps and supplies listed below, as always, any combination of florals and accents can be used to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather all of the needed supplies.  Remember that any combination of florals and accents can be used when creating this arrangement. 

  • We will begin by cutting two sections of our Styrofoam Block to fit in the container. You will need to put a layer of Hot Glue on the bottom of each block. This will secure them to the bottom of the container and then to each other. 


  • Next we will add the Yucca Greenery to the back corner of the container. We did not trim any of the main stem off of this bush. We added a bit of Hot Glue to the end of the stem and then inserted the whole stem into the Styrofoam.

  • Now we will add the Soft Sedum Stem. We did trim about half of the length off of the main stem. Remember to add Hot Glue to every stem that is placed in the arrangement. We added the Sedum to the front corner of the container directly in front of the Yucca Bush.


  • Now we are going to add the String of Pearls spray. We cut a little over half of the length off of the main stem and placed it just in front of the Sedum Spray. We draped the String of Pearls over the front corner and side of the container.


  • We can now start filling in some of the open space with the Boxwood Greenery. We cut individual pieces off of the Bush and then started to fill in around the existing pieces in the container. 




  • To add height and interest we are going to add 2 Allium stems to the center of the Arrangement. With the first stem we are going to cut about half of the overall length off of the stem and place it directly in the center of the container. With the second stem we are going to trim the stem about 2 inches shorter than the first stem so that there is a stair step effect and then place that stem directly to the left of the first. 



  • We are now adding a few pieces of the Yucca Bush that we reserved in the beginning to the front left corner of the container. These will be placed at an angle to drape over the corner of the container. 

  • Now we will continue to fill in with the rest of the remaining Boxwood Greenery.


  • You can now come to a stopping point if you are happy with the overall shape of the arrangement. You will have a classic everyday arrangement that you can display all year long. 



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  • Rebecca Coffman