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DIY Fall Harvest Tablescape Arrangement

DIY Fall Harvest Tablescape Arrangement

DIY Fall Harvest Tablescape Arrangement

New this week, Tim our Floral Designer is creating a gorgeous Fall Harvest Tablescape Arrangement. This arrangement utilizes two of our popular Maple Ivy Teardrops to create a stunning piece that is perfect for your table, entry way or mantle. You can create one of your very own using the supplies and steps listed below. As always, you can change out any of the florals or accents to fit your decor or personal preference. 

Supplies needed:


  • First, you will need to gather your supplies

  • We will begin by joining the two Evergreen Teardrops together end to end. We ae using floral wire and the branches on the Teardrop itself to secure the two together. 


  • Once those are together you can add the Maple Ivy Swags end to end on top of the Evergreen. You can secure these using floral wire and the branches on the Evergreen Teardrop. We chose to cut the red & yellow berries off of the Maple Teardrop and save them to use later in the project. You can choose to leave them attached or cut them off. 



  • Next we will add the Lotus Pod Bush; you will want to cut the majority of the main stem off of this Bush. We then added a little bit of Hot Glue to the end of the stem and inserted it into the Arrangement about half way down on each side. Once you have it placed, you will need to spread the stems out a bit and weave them in between the Maple Leaves. 


  • Now we will add a little more texture and length with the Foxtail Branch. This branch is full enough to cut into multiple sections. We cut three sections off of the main stem to use in the arrangement. You will want to use a bit of hot glue on each section; we placed ours on each end and then one bunch in the middle. Feel free to add more as you see fit. Remember, this is your arrangement!



  • The bow will be the center of the this arrangement. We tied a three loop bow with longer tails using both ribbons. We stacked the ribbons on top of one another and then separated the layers after it was secured with floral wire. We also used the floral wire to secure the bow to the arrangement.



  • Next we will begin to add the accent florals. We will start with the Yellow Feather Bush by clipping individual stems off of the bush and placing them throughout the arrangement. Again, you will want to add hot glue to each of the stems before placing it in the arrangement.



  • The last of our accents is the Gold Glitter Fern Stem. We cut these into three separate sections and then placed them throughout the arrangement just to add a bit of sparkle. 



  • As the finishing touch, we added the Red & Yellow Berries that we cut off the Maple Ivy Teardrop back to the arrangement as an additional pop of color.


  • Once you have added the Red & Yellow Berries back you can come to a stopping point. You can also add any additional accents that you may have leftover if you wish. You will have a finished Tablescape Arrangement that is perfect to use throughout the Fall season. 




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  • Rebecca Coffman