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DIY Lemon & Crawfish Grapevine Wreath

DIY Lemon & Crawfish Grapevine Wreath

DIY Lemon & Crawfish Grapevine Wreath

Today we are creating a festive Grapevine Wreath to show off our love for everyone's favorite crustacean. Tim, our Floral Designer at Fads & Frames in Alexandria, LA, used two different sizes of Grapevine Wreaths to create this unique design. This Wreath can be created using the steps and supplies listed below, as always, any combination of florals and accents can be used to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather all of your supplies and remember that any combination of florals and accents can be used when creating this Wreath.

  • To start we will be wiring the two Grapevine Wreaths together. We are going to offset the smaller Wreath on the right lower corner of the larger Wreath. 

  • To wire them together you will need to use two pieces of floral wire; feed each piece of floral wire through the top wreath and connect it to the bottom wreath. 



  • Next we will wired the Love Crawfish Sign to the smaller wreath. You will need two pieces of floral wire to do this. This sign will cover most of the smaller wreath. We will be feeding a piece of floral wire through the slats and then attaching it to the wreath; one in the lower right corner of the sign and then another in the upper left corner of the sign. 



  • Now we will start adding the florals and other accents. You will want to cut the Daisies Spray into separate sections. We are going to add them beneath and on the side of the Love Crawfish sign with a bit of Hot Glue on the end of each. 



  • Now we will take one of the Lemon Stems and cut the branches into separate pieces. We are going to add these pieces in and among the Daisies that we added to the bottom and side of the Crawfish sign.



  • Now we will add pieces of the Rice Grass Bush.


  • Now we will work on the left side of the wreath. We are going to trim the majority of the length off of one of the Daisies Sprays and place it about mid way down on the wreath. Once it is placed you can spread the stems out some so there is a wide base to place our smaller Crawfish sign. 

  • We are going to pull the rope hanger off of the smaller Crawfish sign and use Hot Glue to attach the sign to the wreath. 


  • We will then use pieces of the Lemons Spray, Daisies and the Rice Bush to fill in around the smaller sign. 



  • Once you are happy with the amount of florals that you have on the wreath you can begin working on the bow. We have stacked the two ribbons and tied a 4 loop bow for the top of the wreath. We secured the bow with floral wire and then tied it to the wreath in the top right corner.


  • We then left the tails on the bow long to drape down the side of the wreath. We attached them with floral wire to the wreath in two different places making bubbles along the way. 


  • Finally we tied a smaller two loop bow for the bottom of the wreath. We placed this bow directly below the Love Crawfish sign. 


  • Once you have placed that last smaller bow you can come to a stopping point. Feel free to add any additional greenery or floral pieces if you would like. You will now have a unique Wreath to enjoy all Summer long. 








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  • Rebecca Coffman