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DIY Patriotic Teardrop

DIY Patriotic Teardrop

DIY Patriotic Teardrop

Today we are creating a fun and festive Teardrop that is perfect for decorating for the 4th of July! Tim, our Floral Designer at Fads & Frames in Alexandria, LA, used our favorite Evergreen Teardrop as the base and a bold blue Deco Mesh. He accented the Teardrop with two different ribbons and Patriotic accents. This Teardrop can be created using the steps and supplies listed below, as always, any combination of mesh, ribbon and accents can be used to create this design. 

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather all of the needed supplies. Remember, that you can create this design with any combination of Mesh, Ribbon and Accents. This could even be used to create a design for a different Season. 

  • First, we will work on covering the Teardrop with the Deco Mesh. To do this we will ruffle the Mesh into smaller sections and attach those randomly throughout the Teardrop until the whole surface is covered. To make the ruffle you will fold or scrunch the middle part of the mesh until you have a decent size piece. You will need to cut the deco mesh and then secure your ruffle with a piece of floral wire. Then you can attach the ruffle to the top section of the teardrop using the floral wire. 



  • You will continue to make these Deco Mesh ruffles and attach them to the Teardrop until the surface is covered. There is no specific placement or order that these have to be added in. You can keep adding them until you feel like the teardrop is covered to your liking. 



  • Next we will work on tying the main bow for the top of the Teardrop. We are using both Patriotic Ribbons from the supply list. We have stacked these ribbons to make a full 3 loop bow. We tied the bow with floral wire and then attached the bow using that floral wire to the top of the teardrop.



  • We left the tails of the bow longer so that they can be draped down the side of the teardrop and worked into the folds of the Mesh. We also cut the tails with a dovetail at the ends.


  • Next we made several one loop bows out of the Patriotic Pinwheels Ribbon to use throughout the teardrop. We placed on the bottom and two on either side


  • Now we will work on adding the Patriotic Floral Accents to the Teardrop. We first used the Firecracker Ball Spray and placed it on the right side of the teardrop just below the main bow. 

  • Next we will add one of the Star Curly Sprays by placing it on the bottom side of the bow in the mid section of the teardrop. We will also add these to the teardrop on both sides.


  • Now we will add our Curly Sprays to the bottom and the sides.


  • Once you have added the last of the Floral Accents you can come to a stopping point and enjoy your Patriotic Teardrop all Summer long. 






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  • Rebecca Coffman