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DIY Magnolia Everyday Grapevine Wreath

DIY Magnolia Everyday Grapevine Wreath

DIY Magnolia Everyday Grapevine Wreath

Today we are creating a Grapevine Wreath that can be used all year long! This Grapevine Wreath uses multiple types of Greenery to create a base for the Magnolias. It is finished off with a Leopard Ribbon bow. Tim, our Floral Designer at Fads & Frames, did a great job layering the Greenery to create a unique piece. You can create one of your very own using the steps and supplies listed below. As always, you can use any type of Greenery, Florals and Ribbon when creating this Wreath. 

Supplies needed:


  • To begin you will need to gather your supplies. Remember, that any greenery, florals and ribbon can be used when creating this wreath. 

  • To start we will cut apart the Mixed Leaves Berry Bush into multiple sections and begin placing them around the wreath. Remember to add a dab of Hot Glue to the end of each stem before placing it into the Wreath. This is going to be a full wreath completely covered in florals. 




  • Next we will do the same thing with the Earth Tone Leaves Greenery. Cut each section away from the main branch and add a bit of Hot Glue to the end before placing it in the Wreath. We are also placing these randomly throughout the Wreath.



  • For our next layer of Greenery, we will be cutting apart the Spring Leaves Branch and placing those around the Wreath. As each layer of Greenery is added the holes should be getting filled in to make the Wreath fuller as we move along.



  • To add the Willow Spray we will cut away the branches from the main stem and then drape the willow pieces around the Wreath like Ribbon using Floral Wire to attach them to the Wreath. You will insert the base of the stem into the Wreath adding a bit of Hot Glue to the end and then drape the willow over to make a loop. 


  • When you are happy with the size of the loop that you have created you will tie that portion down using a piece of Floral Wire. Then you can continue making loops until the piece of Willow has been used up completely. You can then repeat the process with the remaining Willow pieces. 



  • Now we will work in our final layer of Greenery using the Plastic Yucca Bush. You will want to cut individual pieces off of the Bush and then place them throughout the Wreath in any holes that you may still have. 



  • Now we are going to add the 3 Magnolias to the Wreath. You will want to cut the Magnolia from the stem an inch or two down the stem. Then we will place these in a Triangle pattern around the Wreath. One at the top and then one on each side. 



  • Finally we will create the three loop bow that will finish off the Wreath. We placed the bow at the bottom of the Wreath in between the two Magnolias on either side. 



  • Now you will have a gorgeous Magnolia Wreath that you can use all year long!


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  • Rebecca Coffman