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DIY Navy Blue Pumpkin Arrangement

DIY Navy Blue Pumpkin Arrangement

DIY Navy Blue Pumpkin Arrangement

This week our Floral Designer, Tim, created a delightful Navy Blue Pumpkin Arrangement that is ideal for displaying anywhere in your home throughout the Fall season. This arrangement would make a great centerpiece for a Fall tablescape or even a great addition to any shelf or mantle in your home. You can create one of your very own using the steps & supplies listed below. As always, you can adjust any of the florals and accents that are being used in this design to your personal preference. 

Supplies needed:



  • To get started you will first need to gather all of your supplies.

  • Once you are ready to begin, we will start with cutting a hole into the top of the Blue Pumpkin. This is going to create a well inside the Pumpkin that we will use to create the arrangement. You will want to cut about an inch out from the stem all the way around the top of the Pumpkin.


  • Once you have created the well you can begin adding the flowers. You will want to cut all of the stems off of the Sunflower, Zinnia & Mums Mixed Fall Floral Bush. You will want to place the first stem in the center of your hole and remember to add a dab of hot glue to the end of the each stem. You will continue to add flowers to the well in the Pumpkin. Remember to turn the Pumpkin as you go to help you evenly place the flowers throughout the arrangement. 




  • Once all of the Flowers have been added we will work on adding the accents. We only used 3 of the Cattail Stems off of the Bush for our arrangement. You are welcome to use as many or as little as you would like. We placed two together at the back of the arrangement and gave them a little height; the third we tucked into the front of the arrangement near the main Sunflowers.


  • Next we are adding the Blue Feather Reed Bush. You will want to cut these apart into individual stems and then place them throughout the arrangement. You can use as many or as few as you would like. Remember to add Hot Glue to the end of all of your stems to help secure them into the Pumpkin. 


  • Our final accent that we added is the Cedar Spray. We cut both of these into two sections and then placed them throughout the arrangement.



  • Our final step will be to tie a small three loop bow using the coordinating ribbon. We placed our bow inside the arrangement on the left hand side. The bow is nestled in with the florals. You can place the bow wherever you would like. We used the floral wire to secure the bow into the arrangement. 



  • When you have placed the bow you can come to a stopping point or continue to add any additional accents that you may have left over. When you are finished you will have an arrangement that you can enjoy throughout the Fall season. 

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  • Rebecca Coffman