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DIY Spring Florals Arrangement

DIY Spring Florals Arrangement

DIY Spring Florals Arrangement

This stunning Spring Florals Arrangement is perfect for your Spring table or any area of your home. The soft pastels are a great combination of flowers that are available in early Spring. We have used our popular tin as the container for this arrangement. However, this arrangement can be made in any container that you have available and as always, any combination of florals can be used. 

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather all of your supplies. Remember that you can use any container, florals and accents for this arrangement. 

  • Next, you will need to roughly measure the size of the container to determine homuch of the styrofoam will need to be cut. This can be an estimate. Make sure to add hot glue to the bottom of the Styrofoam to secure it to the base of the container. 

  • You will need to layer the styrofoam until the container is filled; adding hot glue between the layers of styrofoam.

  • Now you can begin working with the florals. The first stem we will use is the Blue Dogwood Stem. You will need to cut this about half way down the stem. This height can be adjusted for a specific area in your home. You can make the height as tall or short as needed. Remember, to add a dab of hot glue to the end of every stem before placing it into the styrofoam.

  • Next we will begin to cut the Cherry Blossom Spray apart into individual sections. 

  • We have placed a piece of the Cherry Blossom Stem on either side of the first Dogwood stem in the middle of the container. Add a dab of hot glue to the end of every stem before placing it into the styrofoam.

  • Next, you will need to cut the Waxflower Stems apart into three sections. You can cut these at the base of the individual stems where they all meet. 

  • These Waxflower pieces are shorter than the other florals that we have added so far. These need to be placed in front of the taller florals. We rotated the container to get the Waxflower spread throughout the arrangement.

  • Next, we will cut the majority of the stem off of the Mauve Magnolia Spray. This will be placed in the styrofoam in front of the Blue Dogwood. 

  • Then we added another smaller piece of the Cherry Blossom in front of the Mauve Magnolia.

  • Now we will begin filing in the arrangement with the two different greenery options that we chose. We started by cutting pieces of the Soft Green Eucalyptus Bush apart and placing them throughout the arrangement.

  • We next begin to cut apart the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus and add it throughout the arrangement.

  • Next you will cut the Cabbage Rose stem into two sections. You will need one short section and one taller section. The taller section will stand even with the tallest of the Cherry Blossom and Blue Dogwood sprays. The taller section will be placed near the center of the arrangement, while the shorter section will go on the right hand side of the arrangement.

  • Next you will trim the majority of the length off of the Lavender Hydrangea and then place it in the front of the arrangement near the lip of the container.


  • Finally, you will continue to fill in the arrangement with any remaining greenery pieces that you have available. You will need to turn the arrangement to make sure all sides are covered. You can also add sheet moss or spanish moss to the base to help cover the styrofoam. 

  • Your finished piece will be a stunning arrangement that you can enjoy throughout the Spring and all year long. 




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  • Rebecca Coffman