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DIY Spring Lemons Arrangement

DIY Spring Lemons Arrangement

DIY Spring Lemons Arrangement

Today we are creating a bright and cheerful Lemons Arrangement that is perfect for any area of your home. This Arrangement can be created using the steps and supplies listed below, as always, any combination of florals and accents can be used to create a one-of-a-kind arrangement.

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather all of your supplies. Remember that you can use any combination of florals and accents for this Arrangement. 

  • Next you will want to fill the container with the Styrofoam Block. To do this, we cut the styrofoam in half and then stuck the two pieces into the container length wise. This will fill the container almost completely and the excess will need to be cut off. Remember to add hot glue to the bottom of each piece of styrofoam before placing it in the container. 


  • Once the styrofoam has been cut flush with the top of the container we can begin adding the florals. We start with the Petite Yellow Flowers Bush by cutting the majority of the bae stem off. 

  • Once you have the stem cut, you will insert the entire stem into the center of the styrofoam. You will need to add hot glue to the base of the stem before placing it in the styrofoam.

  • Next we will begin adding the Lemon Greenery Sprays. You will want to trim the majority of the bas stem off of the first Lemon Spray also. 

  • Then you will place it to the right of the Petite Yellow Flowers Bush that is in the center of the container. Don't forget to add hot glue to the end of the stem. 

  • We will do the same thing with the second Lemon Greenery Spray and place this one directly behind the first. We are still staying on the right hand side of the Petite Yellow Flowers Bush. We also placed the third Lemon Greenery Spray on the left hand side of the container right beside the Petite Yellow Flowers Bush.

  • Now we will begin cutting apart the Yellow Sunflowers Bush. We will need each stem cut separately from the bush and then we can begin placing them throughout the arrangement.


  • You will want to turn the container while you are adding the Sunflowers to make sure there is even coverage throughout the arrangement.


  • We will now starting adding our Rice Bush Greenery by cutting individual stems off of the bush. You will want to place these throughout the arrangement; turning the container as you go to make sure there is even coverage. 




  • Now we will add the Black & White Checkered Curly Spray as the accent. This is added on the left hand side near the front of the container. We double stacked the Spray by creating a cascading effect. 


  • Next we tied a ribbon around the base of the container just below the handles. This ribbon is just tied with a simple knot and we will use this to secure the bow to the container. 


  • Next we tied a simple three loop bow and secured it with floral wire. Then we used the floral wire to attach the bow to the container by twisting it around the ribbon we tied to the container. 


  • Once you have added the bow you can come to a stopping point. If you are happy with the way the arrangement looks you can be finished or you can continue to add any leftover greenery to fill in any holes that you may see. We hope you enjoy this arrangement!




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  • Rebecca Coffman