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DIY Spring Magnolia Moss Wreath

DIY Spring Magnolia Moss Wreath

DIY Spring Magnolia Moss Wreath

Welcome Friends & Family this Spring with this stunning Spring Magnolia Moss Wreath! Using the supplies and steps listed below you can make your very own gorgeous wreath. This wreath can be used Spring & Summer and is perfect for any area of your home. You can create this wreath using any combination of flowers and ribbon that you have available or that you prefer. 

Supplies needed:


  • To begin, gather your supplies. Remember, that you can use any combination of ribbon and flowers that you prefer. We have Magnolias as the focal point, with greenery stems and two different accent stems; along with a roll of ribbon

  • Next you will want to trim all, but about two inches off of the Magnolia stems. Add a dollop of hot glue to the end of the stem and then force the stem through the Moss Wreath to secure the Magnolia to the wreath. You will want to place the Magnolia in the bottom right portion of the wreath. We will be building a crescent shape on the bottom right side of the wreath. 

  • You will continue to add two more Magnolia stems in the same general area. You will want to leave some spacing between the flowers so that there is room to add more filler and accent flowers. We have placed two facing the same direction and then a third facing the opposite direction.

  • Then you can begin adding the accent and filler flowers. You will again want to cut everything, but two inches off of the stems and use hot glue on the end of each stem before placing the flowers in the wreath. 
  • When adding the Larkspur spray you can leave more length on the stem to give the wreath more height and to help make the crescent shape. The same can also be done with the greenery spray. You are wanting to place these in and around the Magnolia and Irises. 

  • You will then need to start adding filler and accents to the bottom of the wreath under the Magnolia facing the other direction. You can also add more filler on the inside of the upward facing Magnolias.We have added an Iris, an Agave and greenery to both locations on the wreath. 

  • Next you will tie a 4 loop bow out of the Burlap ribbon or a ribbon of your choice. Your 4 loop bow will have 4 loops on either side of the bow. You will secure the center of your bow with floral wire and then twist it doen to secure the bow. 

  • You will want to pull the loops apart and then secure the bow to the wreath. You can do this by using the floral wire to tie it around the wreath. We have placed our bow in between our three original Margnolias.

  • You can then use any remaining filler to fill in where you see fit around the bow or around the wreath. 

  • When you are happy with the overall shape and fullness of your wreath you are finished! We hope that you enjoy this wreath all season long!

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  • Rebecca Coffman