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DIY Summer Memorial Cone

DIY Summer Memorial Cone

DIY Summer Memorial Cone

This week we are creating a a bright and bold Memorial Saddleto honor your loved ones. Tim, our Floral Designer at Fads & Frames, used a Sunflower Bush with large Sunflower heads to create this stunning Memorial Arrangement. He used a smaller accent floral bush to add more color to the arrangement. You can create one of your very own using the supplies and steps listed below. As always, any combination of florals and greenery can be used to create this Memorial Cone. 

Supplies needed:


  • First, you will need to gather all of your supplies. Remember, that any combination of flowers and accents can be used to create this Memorial Cone. 

  • Next we will begin cutting the Sunflower stems off of the Bush. 


  • Once you have the Sunflower cut apart you can start adding them to the Vase Insert. You will want to stick two Sunflower stems in the center of the top of the Vase Insert. Remember to add a bit of Hot Glue to the end of each stem before placing it in the Styrofoam.

  • Once you have the first stems places, you can add more Sunflower stems around the ones in the center. You will want to keep adding Sunflowers until the top of the Cone is fully covered. 



  • Next you will need to cut apart the Mixed Daisies Bush into individual stems. 

  • Once all of the stems from the Mixed Daisies Bush has been cut apart you can begin adding them to the Styrofoam. You will want to add these pieces in between the Sunflowers and rotating the Styrofoam as you go. This will ensure that the accent flowers are placed periodically throughout the arrangement. 



  • Now we will do the same thing with the Spring Eucalyptus Greenery; cut the individual stems away from the Bush and then place them randomly throughout the arrangement. This Eucalyptus Greenery will add height and texture to the cone. 



  • For the last step we will be adding the Leather Leaf Fern around the base of the cone. This will create a skirt around the bottom of the flowers and help fill in any holes. 



  • When you have finished adding the Leather Leaf Fern you can come to a stopping point and enjoy your Memorial Cone Summer through Fall. 




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  • Rebecca Coffman